Sinan Karaca




Fall 1999 The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas

Double Major: Computer Sciences and Philosophy, B.A.

·         GPA: 3.4



Advanced Logic, Automata Theory, Neural Networks, Lisp and Symbolic Computation, Programming Language Concepts, Data Structures, Computer Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java, Computer Design and Architecture

Work Experience


Spring 2004 InstallAware Software, Ankara, Turkey

Founder, Ongoing

·         With zero startup capital, build and sustain a 1 million USD/year business. InstallAware has thousands of active customers worldwide, a vibrant user community, and ships inside-the-box with Embarcadero’s Delphi.

·         Key Inventions:

·         MSIcode, a 4GL Windows Installer programming language that adds scripting and branching code flow to MSI databases.

·         Partial Web Deployment, an improved method to deploy applications on-line.

·         LZMA/BCJ2 interop with Windows Installer, producing packages that are up to 67% smaller than their native MSI counterparts.

·         Handle all aspects of InstallAware’s business development and product management, including online and print advertising, forming a reseller network, and maintaining a high profile online presence.

·         Train and manage on-site employees as well as off-site contractors. Employ team-building skills to motivate a geographically and culturally diverse group of human resources towards a common goal.

Spring 2003 MimarSinan Yazilim Inc, Ankara, Turkey

Founder, Director of Development (Own Startup Company)

·         Apply and win a government grant from KOSGEB, the Turkish government organization for promoting the development and export of technology from local startup companies.

·         Design and lead the development team of InstallSharp, and installation development tool for ISVs and systems administrators developing setups targeting the Windows Installer platform.

Spring 2002 Turkish Land Forces Command, Ankara, Turkey

Software Design Engineer

·         Serve as third lieutenant in the Turkish Ground Forces, fulfilling the compulsory military service requirement.

Spring 2000 Spin Media Networks Incorporated, Palo Alto, CA

Director, Release Engineering (Startup Company)

·         Lead and co-ordinate the customization of’s Internet Software: communicate to clients customization requirements, negotiate additional features requested by clients based upon’s business strategies, oversee and direct developers in the implementation of customizations and new features, manage the delivery schedule and timetables for the final customized products.

·         Leverage technical skills and knowledge of industry to form the line of communication between marketing and development teams. Contribute to the strategies of both teams using visionary skills.

·         Design and develop the corporate software build engine: providing the ability to build any customized version of’s Internet Software from any user’s desktop within the corporate network. Own the design and development of all installers.

Fall 1999 InstallShield Software Corporation, Schaumburg, IL


·         Interact with clients to discover installation requirements and needs. Suggest optimal solutions in high consideration of client resources.

·         Act as project manager on-site for client’s installation solutions. Co-ordinate marketing, engineering and product teams.

·         Use InstallShield installation technologies to engineer and deliver leading edge installations.

Fall 1996 MimarSinan International, Ankara, Turkey

Owner, Ongoing

·         Design, code and market CompreXX, the easiest and most powerful archive utility available today. CompreXX received the Designed for Windows XP certification from Microsoft.

·         Design, code and market a variety of popular Windows applications, which have received prestigious shareware awards (ZDNet, AndoverNet, CNet, TUCOWS, etc.).

·         Invent Codex Plug-In Technology™: the emerging standard supporting multiple codecs for file encode/compression operations using modular plugins. Specify a client-server architecture for the plugins and the applications which use them. Develop a RAD Win32 SDK for easy application development using Codex Plug-Ins™. Develop Codex Applications™ targeted at different user levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, command-line). Each application features a unique user interface, both in terms of functionality exposed and the presentation of that functionality.

·         Provide custom solutions for IBM: Software packaging for the web with unmatched compression levels (typically 35%-50% better than PackageForTheWeb and WinZip Self Extractor). Provide custom solutions for WhiteCastle: Transfer of huge files over corporate networks by means of splitting and uniting them at the host and target machines.

·         MimarSinan International is a Borland Technology Partner. 4 selections of MimarSinan software have been published on Borland’s Delphi Companion CDs.

·         Distributors active in USA, Europe, and Italy, to the regions of which MimarSinan software has been localized.

·         Design and develop the company website:

Spring 1997 Smart Technologies Austin, TX

Software Design Engineer (Internship)

·         Design and develop the corporate data backup solution.

PROFESSIONAL Skills and Interests


·         Languages: (Visual) Basic, (Object) Pascal, Lisp, C, C++, Java, and Motorola 680xx Assembly.

·         Environments: Borland Delphi, Borland Kylix, Borland C++ (Builder), Microsoft Visual Studio (C++, J++, Basic, etc.), Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, InstallShield Professional, DemoShield, Wise InstallMaster, Windows Installer, Emacs, Xwindows, Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Image Composer.

·         Scripting Languages: ASP, HTML, JavaScript, InstallShield Script, Wise Script.

·         Technologies: Win16, Win32, VCL, COM, Codex™ (developed by MimarSinan International), Kylix (code name for Borland’s Linux development strategies, architectures, and tools), Windows Shell Extensions (in particular, shell namespace extensions).

·         Operating Systems: All Windows Platforms (3.1, 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP), Unix, Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, SuSe, Caldera), MacOS, BeOS.

·         Strengths: User interface design, project conception and organization, analysis of software requirements and development of component-based, modular, re-usable architectures, visionary skills and communication between product marketing and engineering teams.

School Projects


·         Full featured line editor, Co-operative thread package, File system implementation (C++).

·         Web search engine, combining different search methods and heuristics (Lisp on Emacs)

·         Study of different neural network architectures (various simulators including SNNS and PlaNet running on Linux)

·         Command interpreter (dynamic object creation, introspection with Java)

·         Full featured accounting package (extensive OOP with C++ using abstract base classes, virtual functions, exceptions, operator overloading, manipulators).

Philosophical Interests


Synthetic philosophy, an emphasis on epistemology, ontology and the basis of conceptual forms. Modes of perception and states of consciousness, considered in relation to rational judgements, systems of logic, and pure mathematics. The comparison model of knowledge and 20th century developments. Study of Oriental esoteric traditions.

Professional Memberships


Member of Golden Key National Honor Society.

Travel and Languages


·         Widely traveled: Lengthy stays in Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

·         Native speaker of Turkish. Fluent in English.



·         Sports: Jogging, swimming, tennis, table tennis, cycling.

·         Music: Composing digital music (varieties of electronic music) and DJing (progressive trance).

·         Writing: Creative writing, philosophical writing.

REferences and Additional Material


·         References available upon request.

·         Visit for further information.