MimarSinan Codex 2.2: Certification

About Codex Logo Certification

A properly functioning Codex Plug-In or Codex Application is eligible to receive certification for displaying the Codex Logo shown below.

MimarSinan International will test all products that claim to be Codex compliant before awarding the logo. Submitting a product for logo compliancy testing constitutes your agreement with the following:

MimarSinan International reserves the right to deny any product logo certification for any reason. Logo certification is awarded at the sole discretion of MimarSinan International. This logo certification program may be cancelled at any time. You may not use the Codex Logo to defame and/or otherwise hurt the reputation of MimarSinan International and/or the Codex Plug-In Technology.
If your product is approved, you may display the Codex Logo at prominent locations in your product, such as the About Box, product documentation, and the product box. You may not modify or alter the Codex Logo in any way, and use it only in the form provided above.

For testing, you may send your products, along with documentation and other accompanying materials, electronically to mimar@mimarsinan.com . Contact mimar@mimarsinan.com for information on sending a physical copy of your product.

You are not permitted to use the logo in a product which has not been tested and approved by MimarSinan International for Codex compliancy.