Codex SDK: Plug-In Directive Files

Decompression Directive File

The Decompression Directive File is a plain-text file that is created by the Codex runtime during archive decompression operations. This directive file includes information about which files are to be decompressed from which archive, and placed into which output location. A plug-in supporting decompression needs to parse this directive file to obtain information about the decompression operation desired.


source archive file
target output folder
files for extraction


source archive file

The full path to the source archive.

This is the first line of the directive file and is a mandatory field.

target output folder

The full path to the output folder for files decompressed from the source archive.

This field is on the second line of the directive file and is a mandatory field.

files for extraction

The list of files to be extracted from the archive. Each file to be decompressed will be on a separate line. Wildcards are NOT accepted. If the files are contained inside folders in the archive, the folder information for those archives will be specified exactly as returned from the archive contents listing of the GetArchiveInfoEx function.

This field starts on the third line and may also take place on the following lines of the directive file. This is an optional field.


The character literal '$' (without the quotes). Indicates the list of files for decompression has ended. Also indicates the end of the directive file.

This is a mandatory field. It can occur anywhere in the directive file starting from the third line, depending on how many lines were taken up by the files for extraction field.


If the decompression directive file for a ZIP plug-in contains the following:

c:\my documents\presentation plan
graphics\sales figures.jpg

then, the ZIP plug-in should:

  1. Open the archive "" contained in the "c:\backups" folder,

  2. Extract the files "presentation.ppt" and "presentation.doc" to the "c:\my documents\presentation plan" folder,

  3. Extract the file "sales figures.jpg" found in the "graphics" folder of the "" archive to the "c:\my documents\presentation plan" folder,

  4. Finish processing.

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