MimarSinan Codex 2.2 API: Overview

About MimarSinan Codex Plug-In Technology 2.2 API

The Codex API is a collection of runtime components (executables and configuration files) intended to make the task of developing Codex Plug-In Technology compliant products very simple.

The Codex API dramatically simplifies the development of Codex Applications, by providing a collection of functions which make it very easy to communicate with and use Codex Plug-Ins already installed on the system. The Codex API also provides helper functions which may be used during Codex Plug-In development.

The following topics provide more information:

Please keep in mind that the Codex API is not required to develop Codex Plug-In Technology compliant products. The Codex API is provided only as a RAD (rapid-application-development) tool to aid in the development and installation of Codex products. The Codex SDK portion of this documentation outlines all the necessary information that can be used to build Codex Plug-Ins and Codex Applications from scratch.

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