MimarSinan Codex 2.2: Definitions

About Codex Applications

Codex Applications are general purpose data compression applications which allow users to compress and decompress files, supporting a wide variety of archive types. Codex Applications rely on Codex Plug-Ins and the Codex Runtime for their data compression and decompression functionality.

A Codex Application (de)compresses archives in formats supported by the Codex Plug-Ins already installed on the system. Codex Plug-Ins may also provide additional functionality, specific to the archive types they support, which the Codex Applications can expose to their user.

The Codex Application may be thought of as the common interface that the end-user sees when interacting with all varieties of Codex Plug-Ins. Whereas the archives types supported and functionality offered by plug-ins vary greatly from plug-in to plug-in, the gateway to all that functionality is the application, presenting the end-user with a single unified environment for managing all sorts of different archive formats all at once.

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