MimarSinan Codex 2.2: Definitions

About Codex Plug-Ins

Codex Plug-Ins are collections of executables (DLLs, configuration files) which implement data compression and decompression functionality for the archive types they support. Each Codex Plug-In exposes its functionality in a way that is meaningful for Codex Applications, which rely on Codex Plug-Ins to compress and decompress data.

A Codex Plug-In can (de)compress files inside any archive that it supports. Codex Plug-Ins may support any number of archive formats, and also provide additional functionality, specific to each of the archive types they support.

The Codex Plug-In may be thought of as the actual data (de)compression engine that runs beneath every Codex Application. The end-user will be communicating with the plug-in through the Codex Application visual interface, and the plug-in will be processing all the actual data (de)compression requests received from the application.

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