Codex API: Common Dialog Boxes


The EditCodexAssociations function displays a common dialog box allowing the user to associate archives with the Codex runtime. This is used to assure that when a user opens an archive in Windows Explorer, the archive will open with a Codex application.


VOID EditCodexAssociations(VOID);



Return Values

This function does not return any values.


The common dialog box this function displays gives the user liberty in choosing archive associations. For each archive, the user may:

  • Associate the archive with Codex, or

  • Explicitly prevent Codex from owning the archive.

Use the ForceCodexAssociations function to forcefully own all archives instead. Use the CheckCodexAssociations function to determine if there have been any changes to associations since the last edit.


Windows NT/2000/XP: Requires Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or later.
Windows 95/98/Me:
Requires Windows 98 (or Windows 95 with DCOM 1.2).
Declared in mCodexAPI.h.
Use mCodexAPI.dll.

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