MimarSinan Codex 2.2: Overview

Welcome to MimarSinan Codex Plug-In Technology 2.2

Codex Plug-In Technology is the first and only plug-in based, cross-application, and cross-archive data (de)compression solution.

This document contains information on the Codex Plug-In Technology, enabling you to engineer your own Codex Plug-Ins and Codex Applications. Please review the definitions below before you start:

This help file is organized in two parts: The Codex SDK, for the development of plug-ins, and also containing other low-level information about Codex; and the Codex API, which presents a very easy to use, RAD (rapid application development) layer for developing all-purpose data compression applications.

Once you build your own plug-ins and applications using Codex Plug-In Technology, you may have them certified for the Codex Plug-In Technology Logo.

If you have previously developed solutions using Codex Plug-In Technology, you may want to check what's updated in this release:


For more information:



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